24 February 2013


There seems to be an increasing trend amongst modern bands to play concerts in "God's House".  I say an increasing trend, I'm aware of two artists who have done it, but last year I was only aware of one, so that is technically an increasing number.

Anyway, on Thursday we went along to see I Am Kloot perform at St. Bartholomew's Church in Brighton.  The last gig we'd seen in a church was King Creosote at St. George's Church (also in Brighton), which was an intimate, cosy affair, and so we were expecting a similar deal for this performance.  Not so.  The church was enormous, and I don't use that word lightly.  It felt as if we were at an open air event, with thunderous applause being lost into the roof and returning to our ears as merely a ripple.  Thankfully the same could not be said about the music, and I Am Kloot's own particular brand of stripped down, anthemic indie rock translated perfectly in such a venue (that description really doesn't do them justice).  If I'm honest, I am really only familiar with their debut album, but if you've never heard them, take a listen to the live video below.

I loved the venue (not enough to return weekly on a Sunday...) and the atmosphere it created for such a fantastic gig.  It was only briefly tarnished by the couple in front of us who, if they hadn't left to get a drink would certainly have eaten each others' digestive tracts by the end of the performance, and by the lads behind, whose snide comments about the support act lead to us loudly complaining about them, and to them promptly moving elsewhere.  I think middle age is beckoning...

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