19 March 2013

Jason Molina

I only found out yesterday that Jason Molina, singer and songwriter for, amongst other bands, Songs: Ohia, was found dead on Saturday March 16th aged only 39.

This news shocked me.  Although largely unknown to many, Molina's songs have been some of my favourites since discovering them around 5 years ago via the excellent Magnolia Electric Co. release.  Historically I have found myself getting into an artist after their death (e.g. Elliott Smith, Nick Drake), so for an artist whom I expected to one day see in a live environment to pass at such an untimely age really affected me.  I guess as I grow older this will happen more and more, but I just wanted to share some of his work with you as a brief tribute in case you'd never heard any of his music before.  There is a really heartfelt epitaph left by his record company Secretly Canadian here, and below are a few of my favourite Molina songs.

RIP Jason Molina.

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