9 May 2013

Mustard-y Mushroom Pasta

I often forget it's lunchtime on the days I work from home. Today, however was an exception. After rooting around our cupboards, and  abiding by 'good fridge management', I concocted this little dish: 
Mustard-y Mushroom Pasta (for a lone home-worker): 
Chop a handful of mushrooms, chuck (or place delicately) into a frying pan along with 75ml of veg stock, 1-2 teaspoons of whole-grain mustard and a clove or two of finely chopped garlic. Stir, wait for the stock to start to boil a little then simmer on a low heat. Meanwhile, cook pasta accordingly - I went for some left over fresh wholewheat tagliatelle lurking in our fridge. Be sure to keep an eye on the mushrooms whilst the pasta is cooking, making sure they don't get too dry (if they do just pour in a little of the pasta water into the frying pan). Drain the pasta once its cooked and tip into the pan of mushrooms. Stir around, tossing in  a handful of chopped parsley (whilst imagining you are in fact Jamie Oliver making a time-bending 15 minute meal) and grating over lemon zest. Season and serve. Eat whilst watching an episode  of the office to feel smug, or listen to the Archers and pretend you are not in fact, home alone.

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