29 May 2013

Brighton's Great Escape

This is a somewhat belated post, but this time two weeks ago I was preparing to embark on Brighton's Great Escape Festival.  It is often touted as Britain's answer to the South by South West Festival, where hundreds of up-and-coming bands from all over the globe come to try and impress industry types and get signed.  Needless to say I could barely contain my excitement at the chance to see stacks of great bands up close and personal before they become the next big thing.

I could go into detail recounting the many festival stories I came away with, the bands I drunkenly gushed to, the unusual venues, getting on first name terms with the local off licence staff, but instead I thought I'd showcase my personal picks from the festival.  If my muso-sense is still working, these bands will be big this time next year.

1. Night Engine: Talking Heads/XTC influenced 80s stomp, with all the live bravado of a band who have been doing this in stadiums for most of their adult life.
2. Young Rival: Toe-tapping Australian pop rock who sound like Weezer when Weezer were still listenable.
3. Say Yes Dog: They remind me of Hot Chip a lot, and also have the tallest front man I've ever seen.
4. Young Fathers: Very intense Scottish rap trio who sound like TV On The Radio in their more melodic moments, and your worst nightmare for the rest of the time.

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