17 August 2013

Twist Headband


Chipped nail polish, messy hair and blurred pictures -- all signs that its been a little busier around here of late. But ... I won't complain. The past three weeks have been full of good company, tasty food and perhaps a little too much alcohol. I fell back in love with Edinburgh, longed for the cool salty water of Brighton and discovered what its like to be at a conference, but purely as an observer. Should you wish to make something, whilst attempting to be both  overly studious and sociable  (and perhaps failing at both) - I'd recommend Elisa McLaughlin's Parisian Twist headband/ ear warmer pattern. Without sounding like too much of a knitting geek - it's really straightforward, but has an ingenious method to increase stitches ... anyway, I'm hoping Becca approves. Happily, things have calmed down somewhat and I'm indulging in an exceptionally lazy Saturday. Hope you're having a good weekend too!

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