1 January 2014

Jimmy Marble

Source: Jimmy Marble

Last night we bid adieu to 2013 cooking up a batch of fresh pasta (we tried our hand at Yottam's saffron pasta with spiced butter in case you're wondering - I'd recommend) before heading down to the sea front for an impromptu bandstand-based party. 2014 was welcomed amongst the chaotic (and out of time) count downs of many strangers before humming along to Auld Lang Syne, one day I'll recall the lyrics! Guerrilla fireworks  lit the way into a new year, which started with a dramatic down pour. And although the wind and rain have yet to reside, Jimmy Marble's banner acts as reminder - the future is bright! (not necessary orange) So I hope you had an awesome evening, what did you get up to? And may 2014 bring good things. Happy New Year!

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