2 November 2014

One Year On

It was one year ago today that we first got the keys to our allotment: Plot 125.

As our neighbour helpfully informed us on the first day; "The first year's the hardest".  Well, neighbour who we've never seen again, we actually had a very productive first year, with impressive yields of garlic, onions, lettuces, potatoes, sweet corn and radishes.  So this time of year is all about getting the plot sorted for next year.

As well as planting Elephant Garlic (that's one clove...)

And making sure it's all planted in perfectly straight lines.

So I am pleased to present: Plot 125, one year on!

Okay, so nothing's growing yet (except green manure), but mark my words, in six months time this will be one giant, productive vegetable patch!  Oh, and we should have a shed by then too...

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