14 March 2015

A Tune A Day: Day One

For some time I have dreamt of owning a Telecaster electric guitar, and this year I have decided to bite the bullet and buy one.  My birthday is coming up next weekend (send cards/gifts/money to Jam & Soe, Jam & Soe Towers, England), and so that is the day I will make my long awaited purchase.

In the run up to this, I thought it would be appropriate to learn some songs to play on my new axe (seems sensible, right?).  I have noodled about on acoustic guitars for some years, but figured it was time I actually got good at it.  So, I thought I would learn a tune a day (snappy title, I'm surprised no one else has used it...) until I'm up there with Hendrix, or until I run out of free time.

So, day one: a nice easy song to get me started.  A bit too easy actually, but thought I'd share these with you to make sure I actually learn them, and so you can if you like as well.  I chose "Crash" by the Primitives, a power pop classic, which happened to be on 6music this morning, and also happens to consist of three chords.

The chords can be found on Ultimate Guitar Tabs here, check back tomorrow for something a little more challenging!

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