12 January 2014

The Colouring Box

My favourite movie show, Kermode and Mayo's Film Review, recently ran an excellent short film competition entitled "Well Done U".  As the title suggests, the challenge was to create a two minute feature which, if classified, would receive a U certificate.  This meant that a 120 second orgy, or two minutes of extreme violence, would not be considered, and as such the film makers had to use their imagination to maintain interest and a decent narrative for the allotted duration.  (On a side note, this makes it seem as if I am only satisfied by ultra-violent, sexually explicit films, and I can assure you this is not the case...).  The results were surprising and full of fantastic ideas, and in the end a short by director Philip Chidell entitled "Pong" achieved first place.  All of the shortlisted films can be viewed here, but I wanted to draw your attention to my favourite of the runners up, a highly imaginative piece by director John Powell called "The Colouring Box".

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