13 January 2014


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Or ... "wherever I leave my hat shiny music storing device, that's my home office"

So, many of you will have figured out that my office is not of fixed locale. One day it might be the desk in my humble abode, on a train as I make my way to campus and/ or the waiting room in between, sometimes it might actually be the office. Although my desk (and its size, motion or shape) might change - one thing I can't do without - is a good soundtrack to the working day. So as it is Monday after all, I bring you a roundup of my favourite artists to work to. Which makes me wonder ... what do like in your ears to accompany the daily grind?  Do you like some ambient noise (like I do) or do you favour NOISE, as it were? I'm open to requests. 

1 // Daughter
3 // Braids 
4 // Grimes
9 // Polica

(for those wondering, my chosen artists in no particular order - sorry to disappoint statistical peeps)

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