16 January 2014

Reasons to knit

Source: 1, 2, 3, & 4 below

Why not pick up some needles and get knitting? Not only can it be extremely relaxing, but it can make watching the TV or listening to a podcast say seem more fulfilling. Just the other day my Ma was telling me that Sigmund Freud's youngest daughter used to knit during analytic hours - now there's multitasking! To top things off there are now a multitude of useful blogs, books and clubs concerning the art. All of which dispel the myth that you have to be female, over the age of 50 and own at least one cat to qualify.  Choose ethical wool for your creations and you'll have one of the most YOEF abiding items hanging in your wardrobe. Trust me, it's oddly addictive.

Clockwise from top left ...

1// The Purl Bee - my go to site for free knitting patterns
2// Stitch n Bitch the book I used to teach myself how to knit over a decade ago it's just as good now. 
3// Good night, day - Gorgeous independent knitting pattern label
4// Wool & The Gang - Great kits if you feel like splashing out a little

Still not convinced? Check out Emma Dime's Knitting Look Book for inspiration. It's a beaut.

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