19 January 2014


Generally, I am someone who insists on reading a book from cover to cover before even contemplating the idea of starting another, but when S presented me with Morrissey's Autobiography as an early Christmas present (most likely to keep me quiet on our long train journey home), I couldn't resist starting it straight away.  I will not attempt to review it here, except to say that it is bitter, hilarious, vitriolic and self aware in equal parts, and an essential read for any Morrissey or Smiths fan.  What I will say is that it has re-awakened my fascination with this famously reclusive man, and whilst trawling the internet for interview footage (of which there is little), I stumbled upon the documentary below which seeks to answer the question, why is Morrissey so fascinating?!  It's longer than the average video posted on here (I'm still getting through it myself), but an interesting insight into the mind of the Morrissey fan... 

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